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earth mothern



Focused on the good vibes coming from a wide range of styles, Earth Mothern is a label by RK’s, a small team of vinyl junkies based in Berlin / Milan.

Two guys with a common passion in deep sounds, funky and raw beats meet up with the aim of producing their own and friends’ stuff.

The first release was "Marco D'aquino - Baby Move" that includes also a Rk's special remix in collaboration with the italian godfather of house Fabrice. Those record received a lot of good feedbacks from djs like Chez Damier and Prosumer who played the EP at Panorama Bar in Berlin many times.

In March 2011 comes out the second release "Rk's - Save The Earth EP", 3 tracks that fully represent the funk-side of the Italians vinyl junkies, the track "Metropolis" was in the charts of the best djs and was also included in Virginia's Fabric London official podcast.

The third release comes out in July 2011 with the project "The Guy On The Couch" that combine the house touch of Andee Rk's with the dirty raw analogue gift that only Marieu and Lucretio (aka The Analogue Cops) from Restoration can have. A true Detroit old style gem for all the clubs, the A side Time Stopping was played at Panorama Bar by ND Baumecker and Steffi (somebody said she wanted another copy so much useless was the promo) and also at Berghain by Ryan Elliott, this track received a lot of good feedbacks also by magazines.

With the number 4 that comes out at the end of 2011 the Earth Mothern's guys explained at the world their concept of House: "SummerWorks" 3 tracks, Deep, Funky and Detroit, all maded by the Rk's during the summer time in Italy, a trip in their mind, the Italian sun mixed with the "Berliner" way of sound. "There Was Summer" that appears on B2 sides it's a melancholic track that combined Detroit space pads and solar synth. A good fresh stuff that is played by a lot of dj and receives a lot of enthusiastic feedbacks from dj's like Lucretio, Marieu, Simoncino, Steffi and may others.