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Dutch Master Works Digital



Dutch Master Works Digital represents the subdivision of Dutch Master Work launched in 2010 to curate digital releases.
Dutch Master Works is a Dutch Hardstyle label founded by Showtek in 2005. Showtek are Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen, two brothers who live for electronic dance music. Showtek have passion they turn into creation, producing music that shattered all expectations in just under a decade of hitting the scene.

Showtek have sold out shows in all four corners of the globe on the biggest stages and stunned at every turn. Showtek go bigger and better with every hit, cruising to the Beatport Top 5 an unprecedented 5 times straight and the best is yet to come. Showtek are the hottest act of 2013 right now; this is their year, their show.

Smashing their way into the dance elite in a few short years, they behold a career that exists in most producers’ wet dream. Starting out in a quiet town of the Netherlands they were fuelled by bringing the biggest and best music to the world and in 2012, this was emphatically realized. Named as the #17 musical exports of their home country they are leading the Dutch movement dominating the airwaves around the globe.

DMW and its two two sublabels, DMW Digital and DMW Orange are the label where a difference in music is essential! As UK's leading MIXMAG magazine already stated; The World's premier #1 hard dance label in the world The ethos behind DMW is shown in its success; the showcasing of groundbreaking hard dance music not restricted to one sound but a Universal harder sound.

Dutch Master Works Digital includes in its back catalogue releases from artists like: DJ Duro, DJ Nitrouz, Twilight Forces, Kodex, Stereokillers, Soundcreators, and severak others.