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Dumb-Unit was started in the Spring of 2000 by Jeremy P. Caulfield in Toronto, Canada and then was relocated to Berlin short after its inception. It is simply an exercise. There are no absolutes, no results are planned, and as of yet all tests have been inconclusive.

Jeremy P Caulfield is a Canadian DJ, producer and record exec who runs Dumb-Unit Records with his partner Ingo Gansera of Exercise One. His record label has a philosophy of focusing on new talent - recently he's released 12"s by the likes of Butane, Sweet N Candy, Sarah Goldfarb and Lee Curtiss - but Caulfield himself has been in the game a long time - he was making this music in his hometown of Toronto long before minimal became a buzzword. We know, we've heard those mid-nineties tapes!
His label features stripped down yet interesting minimal music and has been doing so for years, before the so-called ‘minimal craze’.

For more than a decade now, the Canadian-run, Berlin-based label has been consistently synonymous with top-quality, tough-talking techno. Boasting an impressive back catalogue of over fifty EP's, Dumb-Unit was releasing records from the likes of Adam Marshall, Lee Curtiss and Visionquest well before they became the household names they are today. Despite their varied and significant achievements, a distinct feather had always been lacking from the Dumb-Unit bow; namely, a full-length artist album. The wait, however is over: Cue Sebastian Galante, aka Seph.
12 years after its inception, the Berlin based label will call it a day after its next EP, as the head of it, Jeremy P.Caulfiel is getting ready to close Dumb Unit.

The Berlin-based Canadian says the decision should be seen in a positive light, as it's mostly a way of giving himself more time for DJing, producing and other projects. Caulfield first founded Dumb Unit in Toronto before moving to Berlin, where he co-managed it with Ingo Gansera from Exercise One, among other partners.

The final release on Dumb Unit will be an EP from Caulfied and Seph, one of the label's core artists, called Virtues and Vices. That one's due out at the beginning of July.

If there’s a classier label out there, we’re yet to find it… Dumb Unit has been providing dark, minimal tech-house vibes to discerning DJs since the early part Ria point of the century, and things keep getting better.

The label put out more than 50 records in its 12-year run from artists like Maetrik, Seph, Mike Shannon and Adam Marshall, plus Caulfield himself.