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dub and run



Dub & Run Records represents the sublabel from Cut & Run. Cut & Run is a record label specialized in breakbeat bootlegs produced by Nick Annand, also known as DJ Dee Kline, released initially on vinyl, followed shortly after as digital downloads. The label was first noticed in 2004 when they released a breakbeat bootleg remix of The Prodigy's "Out of Space", titled "Outta Space".

Nicholas Annand (born December 20, 1979 in London), better known as Deekline or DJ Dee Kline, is a British producer and DJ of dance, breakbeat, breakstep and garage music. He is the innovator of breakstep music which is bass-heavy, breakbeat-infused 2-step, first characterised in his 1999 hit "I Don't Smoke", which reached #11 on the UK charts. He is the owner of Rat Records, which has released material of such artists as DJ Fresh, Jack Beats, Stanton Warriors, Wiley, Skinny Man, Rennie Pilgrim, House Breakers and Freq Nasty. Annand has also had notable collaborations with British electronic music producers Ed Solo and Wizard. In 2011, he opened up his online clothing store, Bass Boutique.

Deekline is that rare figure in dance music, the seminal producer who balances the cutting edge and the mainstream with effortless flair. Up there with the busiest artists in the scene, Deekline splits his time between regular worldwide DJ tours, relentless production work and overseeing the six record labels he heads up; Sludge, Dub & Run, Hot Cakes, Jungle Cakes, Booty Breaks, Rat Records and Giant Pussy Records, all of which work tirelessly to propel street level artists into the forefront of the electronic music scene.

Deekline has remixed and collaborated with a variety of notable producers and has had international chart success with songs such as "The Mexican" with producer Tim Healey and "Shake the Pressure" with Florida booty bass pioneers Splack Pack. In addition to this, his collaborative projects with producer 'Wizard' on Deekline & Wizard's Breaks, Beats and Blondes and with Ed Solo on his Jungle Cakes EPs have received international success. He also collaborated with such artists as Luke from 2 Live Crew, Splack Pack, DJ Assault, DJ Fresh, Tim Healey, Stanton Warriors, Freestylers and Krafty Kuts. Deekline reworked "I Don't Smoke" for 2014 alongside trap producers Specimen A and added a new rap by Majestic. "I Don't Smoke 2014" is scheduled for release.