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doxa records



Doxa Records represents the Berlin based music labe launched back in 1999.

The german imprint Doxa Records has been established by presenting a wide range of urban European Pop and even Rock music styles. The main focus has changed over the years to electronic music influenced by a certain Pop history yet finally landing in the niche of IDM and Minimal Techno/House.

In late 2006 Doxa has started together with the musicians of For God Consoul/Console a sub-label called SMAUL that mainly was set up for releases of those artists (Acid Pauli, Hometrainer, FC Shuttle).

Doxa Records has developed ever since its inception an impressive back catalogue which contains releases from a variety of artists such as: Fetish 69, Yuppie Flu, Hometrainer, Moonbuggy, Ming, Incognegro, Pitchtuner, Gaffa, Flug 8, Odessa, Acid Pauli, Skinnerbox, amongst many many others.