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Double Standard Records is an off-shoot of the illustrious and ground-breaking Wolf + Lamb imprint, was established in 2010 by Gadi Mizrahi, also known as Baby Prince, and has become a second home for the movement’s future-facing brand of funked up deep house jams after the daddy imprint spawned a whole new generation of slower grooves for an alternative kind of dancefloor burn. Like a devoted father, the label is proudly immersed in a family of artists, watching them evolve to produce some of the most distinctively deep and seductively funky music around.

Down to Gadi's precise and passionate A & R skills, and the tight knit support of close compatriots such as partner in Wolf + Lamb, Zev, the label crops the cream of raw talent that comprises the Marcy All-Stars collective named after the Brooklyn hotel/club/creative hub where it all began. With releases spanning the phenomenal funk of Soul Clap, the avant-electronica of Nicolas Jaar, and exquisite skill of Greg Paulus and Deniz Kurtel as well as Benoit & Sergio, Slow Hands, Double Hill and the burning talent of Voices Of Black, Tanner Ross and Gadi Mizrahi himself, the label has always been unafraid to experiment with raw deep sounds.

Since he first hit the scene in 2001, Gadi Mizrahi has been one of New York's most essential new artists. As half of Wolf + Lamb, he's made a huge impact on Brooklyn's underground party scene, releasing sexy, modern house records by local artists and throwing legendary parties at The Marcy Hotel. As a producer, his deviously playful style of house has proved as infectious abroad as it is at home, earning him international praise and gigs at clubs like Fabric, Watergate and Club der Visionaire. With such prolific work as an artist and and labelhead, Gadi Mizrahi is currently one of electronic music's most influential trendsetters.

An extension of Wolf + Lamb, famously fusing electronic funk with R&B, techno and even hip-hop influences, Double Standard releases still retain an identity of their own - original and diverse, encompassing a range of moods and atmospheres and flirting between deep bass outer space music and smokey laid-back grooves. The Double Standard back catalogue depicts a label with a crystal clear artistic vision without boundaries and clearly always on the quest for your next favourite record.

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Deniz Kurtel / Guti, Gadi Mizrahi The Way I Feel / 3am

Deniz Kurtel / Guti, Gadi Mizrahi

The Way I Feel / 3am

VÖ-Datum: 24.10.2011
Label: double standard records
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.