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DK7 represents the Sweden based music label launched in 2007 as a sublabel of Jesper Dahlbäck and Thomas Krome's DK Records.

DK was started 1997 by Jesper Dahlbäck and Thomas Krome as a result of the lack of labels who could release their first record ,a tech-house piece called "The Real Jazz". Thomas initially made the original mix on the A side and Jesper made a remix to the B-side and was then pressed on a ten-inch vinyl.DK then became a laboratory for further collaborations and experiments. Each record released on the label has its own look and even musical direction which on the contrary to many other labels is the some what confused identity of DK.

Some of the artist involved are, to mention a few: Adam Beyer, Jori Hulkkonen, DJ Sneak, John Selway and Alexi Delano. The non consistent profile of DK has also given birth to many of its latest artists with codenames corresponding to the current catalogue number such as DK7, a collaboration between Jesper Dahlbäck and vocalist Mark O'Sullivan.

Due to studio commitments to his own label Corb, Thomas is no longer at the forefront of the label so Jesper is taking on the responsiblitys alone.