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On this site you can enjoy some promotional whitelabel UK reisssues of classy Detroit Disco House music from Moodymann.

Detroit producer Moodymann (aka Kenny Dixon Jr.), to whom the “original” unofficial release is credited. He’s a special figure in the house music scene. Someone who time and time again manages to successfully blend jazz, soul, and house in his releases. These blends often rely heavily on samples coming from old disco, soul and funk records, sometimes even sampling skipping needles and vinyl cracks. The edited and rearranged samples create beautiful tracks that sound authentic and fresh at the same time.

Moodymann’s music is a good example of “open-source” art. While blues and jazz musicians have been using preexisting melodic fragments for a long time, technology has multiplied the sampling possibilities. Since the 1970s musicians can also duplicate sounds and today musical collages such as mash-ups, remixes and edits that can all be seen as “open-source” artworks are widespread. The Private Collection vinyl is a good example of this as it consists of six edits. The edits take the most effective parts of existing songs and rearrange them into something new. When you don’t know about the tracks on which the edits were based, the tracks even sound like originals.

Next to its contents, there’s also a great story about the vinyl. This story is reproduced by many webshops selling the vinyl and goes something like this: Moodymann had made six “killer edits” and decided to press these on 12” vinyls, unauthorized, in early 2009. It was intended as a limited edition, especially aimed at Detroit DJs that still play vinyl. It was a giveaway not for the collectors but for the vinyl lovers.

The promotional only white label release is an interesting thing as the reason for its limited release!!!