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Disturbulence Records represents the Serbian label specialized in tribal / funky / hardgroove techno.
The label was founded by Hristian Stojanowski and Christian Peak in December 2008. Hristian has left this record of mid 2011. But Peak continued to run it until the end of 2012!

Hristijan Stojanovski aka Hristian Stojanowski was born for Easter in Skopje (Capital Of Macedonia) in the eighties and currently lives in Nis (Serbia).

In the beginning he was mostly about London pure techno sound but later goes on classic techno with modern groove, influenced a little bit with tech-house sound. With 16 years Hristian seriously starting with music production and mixing. The techniques of mixing he was learning alone and in local music stores. He was doing very well, so he getting offers fast from all the places around (Mostly countries from South-East and Central Europe).

In 2008 he starts to releasing on labels his music so started to come offers from all around the world. In the beginning of year 2009 he founded "Disturbulence Records" vinyl and digital label, but in the mid of 2011 he left this record and became a boss of legendary Patterns Records from 2012.

Christian was born long time ago somewhere around the edge of the universe before the sun even existed. After many years of producing and deejaying he moves to his village of dreams "Fucking", located in in the Innviertel region of western Upper Austria. He is dj, music producer and owner / manager of CP Series & Disturbulence Records.

Disturbulence Records is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: DJ Cristiao, Jesus Soblechero, Cubanito, Dersonna, Bojan Vukmirovic, Jason Speed, DJ Baly, Jude Rash, George Privatti, Malda, Rapunzel, Christian Peak, Homma Honganji, Hristian Stojanowski, Sergio Pardo, amongst many others.