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Discovolante Records represents the Italian Nu Disco/Electro Disco label founded by Cloned In Vatican alias Gregorio Assandri and Carlo Cavalli in 2008.

After 8 years as a dj in the alternative scene, opening a label was for Greg a challenge to to the market , a way to keep an alternative way to Italian standard mainstream music panorama, and a big chance to produce the music he like exploiting internet world.

Disco Volante is deeply rooted in nu disco, psychedelic and italo disco, very openminded contamination between different genres. Disco Volante wants to be a lab, an inner circle of artists that believe in nu disco and alternative music cause.

Opening the label was not so difficult,keep the respect on the scene was an objective very hard to catch,and this was the principal goal of Greg .

In 2010 Andrea Frittella aka DjAndryu joined the label as A&R. This joint venture (musically enforced with the duo project Irregular Disco Workers) brings Disco Volante to step up in class, and meets dj and producer supports.

“Sooner or Later,everybody comes around to Disco Volante “ This is what Cloned In Vatican think after one year of releases hosting on his label famous nudisco producer as remixers (Sare Havlicek, Beatfanatic,Rayko, Fromage Disco,Bangkok Impact,Marcello Giordani,Fratelli Riviera,Hard Ton & more) and releasing many “old” and new producers (Cloned In Vatican’s himself,Semi Functional,Club Silencio,Cosmonauts, Damir K Rogina,Dany Dorado,Craxi Disco and more).

During one year of releases Disco Volante reached appreciable results: it was big supported by worldwide producers (Aeroplane, Baby G,Rodion, Ajello and more);its releases are included in compilation like “For An old dope new Aesthetics” by Pizzico Records and Misteria Vol.1 by Mister Mistery , they are choosed by Aeroplane in Trax Magazine Cd, and played in the most important radio shows such as Leri Ahel’s Mutant Disco Radioshow and Pete Tong’s Essential Selection.