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Disco Royal Music represents the Chilean label created in November 2009 by Aldo Cadiz (Cadenza, Einmaleins, Desolat, Forcetracks) & Felipe Molina.

Aldo Cadiz Dj & producer Chilean owner of the label Disco Royal Music is without doubt one of the leading producers of electronic music. AldoCadiz is perhaps currently the best producer in that country for his ability to compose different styles. And now a little over 10 years of experience in the turntables, and more than ten productions in recent years make him a producer recognized not only in South America but also in Europe where it is constantly working with labels from England, Italy and Germany .Worldwide.In 1996, motivated by the sounds of Hip Hop Dub and participated in various bands, funk and soul where he meets more closely the work of dj.

The year 2000 in Chile created his own electronic music club "Casa Club" with DJs & Producers from the likes of Villalobos, Luciano, Dinky, Casarano, Cristian Vogel, Derrick May, The Brothers Bucci, Dandy Jack, and many others, with whom he shared booth for more than four years.In addition to participating in large events like Love Parede, Open Rave, Earth Dance and many others.The year 2005 begins his first productions heavily influenced by the sounds of Detroit techno and soon get their first album in 2006 by the prestigious German label Force Tracks.

Finally, in 2009, he decided to create his own label, and so, Disco Royal was birn, and ever since the Chilean label has developed an impressive back catalogue with releases from acts like: 3Black Guys, Jaurequi, Mollan, Altamirano, Emiliano Pompili, Felipe Galleguillos, Max Perez, Re-Light, Rofrigo Poder, Mollan, amongst many others.

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Disco Royal Special Pack #2

Disco Royal

Special Pack #2

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Label: disco royal music
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    4xLP Belgium
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.