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disco planet records



Disco Planet Records is a Italian record label that specializes in releasing electronic dance music and was founded in June 2003 by Sonny (Salvatore Schillaci) & Dj Sanny J (Santo Finocchiaro).

Santo Finocchiaro in art Dj Sanny J is Born and raised in Biancavilla, small city in a province of Catania. He is one of the most popular dj producer in the world clubbing scene. He began his career of DJ when he was 13 years hold and although 'young had already' accumulated a wealth of experience truly enviable. With his debut album "Feel The Emotion", produced by a big company "Jocks Mag" (chaired by Renzo Arbore), already saw his artistic skills in many began to appreciate.

For 20 years he performed, thanks to his immense talent and charisma behind his dj setting, like a special guest in the best clubs in the world. Dj Sanny J is a DJ producer, radio programmer, host of the television programs of youth, sound engineer, production manager (along with his big friend Salvatore Schillaci in art Sonny Aka) of the Label Disco Planet Records label distributed by Self (the company in Italy that covers the role of major music distributor), and in a few years become a landmark of the Dance in Italy and abroad. Awarded in 2006 at Pacha Disco La Pineda (Barcelona, Spain) like dj producer revelation, Dj Sanny J collaborates with the best singers of the international dance scene including between the unforgettable "Ice Mc" and the South American "Los Tiburones".

Sublabels: Dp Arte, Italo Dance Records.

The italian imprint, Disco Planet Records is the home for a variety of artists such as: DJ Save, DJ Sanny J, Sonny Aka, Nuclear Noises, Blackout DJs, Double Face, Tj Fastor, Micky B, DJ Samuel Kimbo, Ice MC, Los Tiburones, SlowBrothers, David Bonanno, Coffee & Honey, amongst many others.

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