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dirty bird



DirtyBird represents the independent music label founded in 2003 by producer and DJ Barclay Crenshaw (a.k.a Claude VonStroke). The story of its creation goes like this: In 2003, a few friends were dissatisfied with the electronic music scene in San Francisco. They all had similar taste and came together to form the "dirtybird" dj crew, putting on free shows in Golden Gate Park to anyone who would listen. About two years into the plan one of the members, Barclay Crenshaw, decided to go one step further and add a record label of the same name to the equation, using a childhood sketch of a bird as the logo.

Being an unknown start-up label from San Francisco, it was all but impossible to find an American distributor willing to take the risk. But, based on the sound of the first two releases, dirtybird was picked up by "Neuton," the now defunct distributor from Frankfurt, Germany. As it turned out this was a blessing, because Dirtybird gained a direct connection to the thriving european house and techno scene during a time when house and techno were out of favor in the U.S.

The first two records featured Justin Martin. They were funny and strange, setting the tone for the label. After seeing his friend's success, Barclay Crenshaw donned the name "Claude VonStroke," and released a series of records that defined the label's concept. After a few successful releases the label had a major breakthrough when, in 2006, Richie Hawtin began championing Claude's now classic tracks, "Deep Throat," & "Who's Afraid of Detroit?"

These days, Justin Martin and Claude VonStroke are the bread and butter of Dirtybird. Claude owns and runs the label but Justin and his brother Christian are main contributors to the sound and vibes of the San Fran imprint. As the label grows, amazing talent from America, Europe and even as far as Africa has been added to the roster.

Dirtybird is a tightknit crew known for striking the bumpin' balance between goofy and grimy. Key players include Claude VonStroke, Worthy, brothers Justin and Christian Martin, and J.Phlip. They are known for their infamous Golden Gate Park parties that started in 2003. Since that time both the label and the Dirtybird party have enjoyed great success. Some classic records released by dirtybird include "Deep Throat," "Stoopit," "Who’s Afraid of Detroit?," and "The Whistler."

Artists : 3 Channels, Ardalan, Catz'N'Dogz, Dan Caster, Dusky, Feygin, Hickup, J.Philip, Justin Jay, Jules & Moss, Justin Martin, A1 Bassline, Christian Martin, Danny Daze, Emerson Todd, Friend Within Iain Taylor, Kill Frenzy, Julio Bashmore, Alland Byallo, Breach, Claude Van Stroke, Donk Boys, Eric Volta, Galen, Riva Starr, Style Of Eye, Tom Flynn, Samuel Don, Tom Mangan, Worthy, and many many others.

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Justin Martin Robot Romance

Justin Martin

Robot Romance

VÖ-Datum: 06.07.2015
Label: dirty bird
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donk boys sucker punch ep

donk boys

sucker punch ep

VÖ-Datum: 08.04.2009
Label: dirty bird
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