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Dikso Records



Dikso Records represents the German label founded by Daniel Solar and Andi de Luxe.

Born as a blog for DJ-edits and podcasts, Dikso is now also a record label. Daniel Solar and Andi de Luxe will release vinyl in limited editions, vinyl to play, to collect, to hold in your hands. Of course, starting a record label sounds anachronic to most people these days as digital distribution, legally or illegaly, is so zeitgeisty, isn't it? But sometimes you have to create things that last longer.

This is what the mighty "Melbourne Deepcast" blog wrote about Dikso: "As we continue to expose some of our favourite labels here at Deepcast HQ, it was only a matter of time before we turned our attention to Berlin’s DIKSO, not only was it the imprint for our own Andy Hart’s debut vinyl release last year, but a label with such a relaxed and inviting ethos, that it seems to rub off on all those that have anything to do with it.

Like our buddies at Kolour Recordings and Sleazy Beats, DIKSO is a label run by great friends with a passion for putting out great records, whether they be strait up disco edits or crisp house numbers, these guys are on a steady march upwards, already releasing top shelf material from the likes of Daniel Solar, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Nicholas, Duff Disco and The Revenge to name a few. We caught up with DIKSO label head’s Daniel Solar and Andi De Luxe to find out more..."

*** To see the physical releases from this imprint, please search for the label called ''Dikso''.

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Sasha Anastasov Uno Motif

Sasha Anastasov

Uno Motif

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