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digital reality records



Digital Reality is a new, fresh record label, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Even though the label is new, we are far away from newcomers to the scene. Behind us there's several years of dj:ing, producing and event organising. With our background as parytorganizers and dj:s we were inspired to start a label where we can offer an exquisite collection of quality music perfectly suited for the dancefloor. Each one of us contributing long years of knowledge which guarantee that we only release music that are well produced,of best quality and which express strong musical skill of it's producer.
Digital Reality Crew @ Månsken 4
Our aim is to focus on music oriented to blast any dancefloor, all over the world. We want to bring new emotions to the dancefloors with powerful, intense, melodic, rythmical, full-bodied tracks. Focus will be on both "full-on" and "progressive" tunes, with the intention to bring something fresh to the dancefloors. Our goal is to release tracks by well known, and highly respected artists throughout the world but also new and innovative artists who we believe have a bright future in the scene.

The History:
Digital Reality was started by Dj Molly Kulator (Mathias Andersson of the duo Ibojima), Dj Soran Sallar (Soran Sallar) and Dj Chaman (Christian Nilsson) who all met eachother at a party in late 2002 and talks among them about the project developed into a website in early 2003 to serve as a platform for Artist & Dj's to promote them for the world, unfortunatly Soran Sallar moved pretty soon and was to busy with work and it was up to Molly Kulator and Chaman to keep it going now.

In 2003 they started to work with Niklas Psarros (who later became the label manager of Digital Reality) who organized the parties "Private" and later the clubs "Technostate" (which the Digital Reality crew played at on the opening-night) and "State" and partnership developed, and Digital Reality stood behind booking of many artists at his events.

This partnership countinued until Niklas took a break from organizing 2005 to 2006, and Molly Kulator's project Ibojima had now took off and did not either have time, so Chaman did some smaller events and tried to keep Digital Reality alive.

But in 2006 Niklas Psarros and Chaman hooked up again and started organizing parties together with huge success, the club Technostate started up again but in a bigger format and in end of 2007 Chaman asked Niklas Psarros to join Digital Reality and start organizing under this name and so he did an they made Digital Reality into a Record Label aswell.

Since then it has grown and grown and Digital Reality is now the biggest organizer in Sweden for Psychedelic Trance, and that's only the beginning

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