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DFC stands for Dance Floor Corporation, the Italian Dance, House, Trance & Techno label founded in 1987. DFC was founded by Andrea Gemolotto, and it’s a subdivision of Expanded Music. Expanded Music sound starts in the early eighties moving its first steps from new wave to the growing italo-disco sounds releasing titles which have become classics performed in many clubs all over the world and being included in compilations to witness such important period of dance music. Along all nineties till now Expanded Music has spread all over the globe quality and successful dance music working with Italian and foreign artists.

Andrea Gemolotto is an Italian DJ and producer. In 1989 he won DMC Italian Championship as Cutmaster-G and co-produced Sueño Latino. He is considered one of the pioneers of the Italo House scene.

Attracted by what he tries and succeeds in obtaining a loan to invest in opening a recording studio (Palace Recording Studio), takes an engineer with experience from another well known firm specializing in dance productions and begins to learn the techniques of production primarily using analog instrumentation and combining the musical experience obtained during the years of study at the conservatory. This allows him to realize in the late 80's his first musical productions for the label Expanded Music of Bologna.

His style is consistent with a musical genre arrived from the United States called House Music that the record company decided to concentrate on the sublabel DFC (Dance Floor Corporation). Despite the time very busy in the studio he does not abandon his work as a DJ in clubs.

Sublabels: DFC First Cut, DFC Restyle.

The legendary label, DFC contains in its back catalogue over 500 hundred releases from a variety of artists, and continue to surprise the public with every new release.

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132 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 15.    Seiten: 1 2 3 4... 9