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detuned recordings



Detuned Recordings is a record label dedicated to the search of the smooth electronic sonorities
inspired by the landscapes of the big city of London. Detuned style's an unique combination between clean, sharp grooves and melodic structures, focused on deep melodic techno.

For its first release, Detuned Recordings delivers us two superb cuts by the talented producers Renton and DJ Puk, that join their forces in this great work titled Namoo EP. Two tracks that create a deep and melancholic atmosphere: >Er Bunk Er< with a fresh and hypnotic synth arpeggio over a groovy sub bassline and >Namoo< that balances groove and melody together.?,,,,, If you like refined techno music, you surely wont be disappointed by Detuned Recordings.

Supported by: Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Jewel Kid, Rennie Foster, Franky B (aka Cryptic Monkey), Gabriel Ananda, Sami Wentz, Sossa, Israel Vich.

On the roster appear artists such as Idiot Idols, Panda Valium, 10dens, Kres, Mula, Teho, Renton, Dj Puk, David Hofmann and many more.