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Detonation Recordings



Detonation Recordings represents the Italian Hardstyle/Hard Dance label based in Bergamo, founded in 2010 by Simone Bergamelli alias Simon J. Bergher.

Simone Bergamelli aka BEN DJ/Simon J. Bergher began his epic DJ career in 1992 with no specific musical preference. It did not take long till he became addicted to the pounding sounds of hard dance in 1995. In 1996 he moved more into the production scene because he wanted to create and play his own style.

His first releases were on some indie Italian record companies and with the alias AZUL Y NYGRO he reached the Top 10 ranking in the hard dance charts of many Italian Radio Stations. Very soon he was noticed more and more by Italian Clubs and promoters. After that he started to perform all over the country. In 1997 he was one of the first Italian DJ performing at the Zurich Street Parade (one of the biggest outdoor party in the world). He was playing in front of more than 500.000 people.

Having played the major club circuit all over Europe, meeting some of the world's Top Hardtrance - Hardstyle DJs at the end of 1999 he started to be a member of the legendary team Trance Generators and of the label Future Sound Corporation. September 1999, with the release of The Temple Of Trance, was the first step for get the worldwide attention. Just few months later came out awesome releases You Cant Stop Us, Connected and the trance club burner Atomic Alliance The Countdown.

In these years he has been responsible of many worldwide club hits co-producing massive tracks such as Do U Wanna Balloon, Wildstyle Generation, Never In Danger, Prepare To Die, Spiritum Veritatis, Do Not Follow The Leaders, Italians Do It Better and many other bouncing tracks and remixes. Together with the TGs team, he have secured exclusive and non-exclusive licenses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Japan, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Russian Federation, Australia, South Africa and Italy. Under the alias Simon J. Bergher has been released massive tracks such as Ultimo Respiro, The End Is Important, Contaminated Sounds and many other slammin remixes.

In the beginning of 2010 the projects Trance Generators and Future Sound Corporation ended their activities and Simon J. Bergher continued his solo career on his new label Detonation Recordings.

The Italian imprint, Detonation Recordings includes in its back catalogue a variety of releases coming up from acts like: Daniele Mondello, Gigi Lav, Detonation Gang, Famiglias Mondellos, Express Viviana, Simon J. Berger, amongst several others.