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der dritte raum



Der Dritte Raum represents the independent german music label founded by the german band group, named as the label, Der Dritte Raum back in 2012. The German techno project is led by Andreas Krüger, a talented Dj whose discography is as stunning as the list of his live appearances. There's not a soul with the slightest interest in electronic music who has never danced to a track by this extraordinary, talented producer. He's one of the few that has truly created his own signature sound. Krüger's trademark is his excessive use of hardware instruments in the studio as well as during his live performances. For his new output, he recorded live drum sessions, and a clarinet player and a bunch of vintage instruments are used -- like black holes, they suck in and spit out the most varied influences.

After a long-time experience on the music scene, Der Dritte Raum have now opened a label, almost two decades after their career first began. Broadly speaking, its initial record, Zweitakt, resembles bits of Dominik Eulberg's recent work. There's such copious amounts of soaring melody that you'll find yourself wondering whether these four tracks are really techno, and not some kind of neo-trance instead.

DER DRITTE RAUM RECORDS is the label that you all have waited for for years! All the musical output of DER DRITTE RAUM on one label, whether it is the long sought after back catalogue, the upcoming releases or remixes, here you go!

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der dritte raum


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Label: der dritte raum
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