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Definite Ridge Records



Based in Yorkshire (UK) and run by Leigh Oliver (Olivaffair), Definite Ridge releases house music in its various sub-genres from a collective of like-minded DJ?s and producers.
Inspired by the underground clubs and parties up north where proper house music played all night it?s important that our music has edge and originality, but most importantly moves the dance floor.
We take pride in all our releases and ensure they are produced and mastered to the highest possible quality. All our tracks are professionally mastered by Medway Mastering (London UK).
New material will be released only when we are 100% happy that the music is up to standard with no more than two releases per month.
All label profits from the first year of trading will be put towards higher profile remixers to help towards raising the profile and reputation of the label and ensuring our output is constantly improving.
Work has already commenced on the Definite Ridge Producer Sample collection which will first be available to purchase and download via our website (as a test run) and then designed and packaged for one of the digital sample retailers.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.