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Decksharks is a label that deals mainly with newcomers. There is no directive style, everybody is welcome who familiar with electronic music and they themselves produced. Decksharks is not just any label by many others. It arose from a specially created electronic music community, which is currently very strongly established on the Internet. There have really good producers still a chance to present themselves and be heard especially if they are! We show the market the shark teeth and offer you the chance to be there! "Because we love good music and promote it for that! Our team cares for each artist individually and faces up to your questions. Fast and favorably, perhaps a bit Furious them. So you could call our performance.

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Beneth SkyiII Atelier

Beneth SkyiII


VÖ-Datum: 21.09.2009
Label: decksharks
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.