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darek records



Darek Recordings was created after the success of its Swiss/Argentinean "mother-label" Dilek Records, to divide their physical and digital releases. It was created on the requests of many of Dilek's artists, and by virtue of the fact that the timetable of Dilek was jam-packed for 12 months ahead.

Dilek Recordings is a music vinyl label founded in 2008, founded by the famous artist, Franco Bianco. Franco Bianco was born in Buenos Aires and grew up having a lot of contact with the music, making mix tapes for the breaks in the school and sharing a lot of young experiences. Since his first steps, Franco Bianco has been related to music and since then he has polished a personal sound. Though he is an electronic musician orientated to the dance floor, his work covers from ambient or music to listen at home, to techno music merged with folk, country or tango. That’s why he has been mentioned as the Danny Boyle of electronic music by some European media.

Darek Recordings and mother-label, Dilek Records comes to you from the beautiful city of Lucerne, Switzerland and thanks to the super amalgamation of techno, minimal, and jazz music Dilek releases, tourists just got another good reason to visit. From Mike Wall's 'She Comes,' with it's haunting vocal and minimal flavor to Shadi Megallaa's wonderfully rhythmic and intricately produced 'Giza Viza EP,' Dilek & Darek are two label to be watched...and, more importantly, listened to.

By starting the new label project, full of creativity and quality, their artists had more space to get their creative juices flowing. Darek will work with newcomers, but also with better known artists, from all over the world. They are determined to continue with the quality of their work already seen on Dilek. Label Manager Raffaella Becchina tell's: "Darek is also a companion for Dilek, and we played with the fact that they are a couple, and they will last for long, that's for sure! By fighting, being in love, happy or dark, they will go through all kinds of stuff, with new adventures to follow. Don't miss any of our upcoming episodes!"