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dapayk solo



Dapayk Solo or DPK is Dapayk's limited coloured vinyl series based in Berlin and founded in 2009. The mind behind Dapayk is Niklas Worgt, who has been producing since 1993.

Niklas Worgt started playing as Dapayk in the late nineties. In 2003 he formed the minimal-meets-pop project Dapayk and Padberg together with Eva Padberg, releasing five EPs and an album. In 2006 Worgt began releasing as Marek Bois, with minimal techno projects Trapez and Rrygular. In Sept 2006 Dapayk's solo album was released on Mo's Ferry Prod to critical acclaim.

Obsessed with the idea of bringing together his favourite music styles from the early 90ies in his productions, his journey led him from Drum'n Bass to House and finally to Techno.

Playing ping pong with all those different styles and the fact that he wasn't willing to commit to just one of them, led to the typical Dapayk sound: groovy, edgy and different. With releases on labels such as Stil vor Talent, Herzblut and his own mothership Mo's Ferry Prod., Dapayk has proven his up to dateness for over a decade. With 7 LP releases and over 50 single releases under his belt, he is one of the main protagonists in the world of electronic music.

He was able to expand his abilities as a producer with his own projects, such as Dapayk& Padberg or Marek Bois. And when it's time to get the best out of their tracks in the studio, he is also is the man to count on for other artists like Monika Kruse, Marcel Knopf or Kleinschmager Audio.

Dapayk and his Mo's Ferry Crew are succesfully staging the I Love Vinyl Open Air to make a statement for their big love- the "black beauty". Since Niklas has been a wordtraveller with his live act for many years, he knows just what a good party needs. He's using this knowledge to create a unique atmosphere at his festival which is appreciated by more and more guests and fans each year.
At the end of the 90s his sound changed into minimal electronic. Broken beat became straight Techno. His underground projects "Frauds in White" and "Sonstware" became an experimental Dapayk, who to this day he remained loyal to.

In 2001 he founded his own label Mo's Ferry Productions, which reflects his sound: a melange of Minimal, Electronica and Breakbeat, in short called Frickelsound. This special sound one can find on both of his albums. "Impulsion Parasite", the more floor oriented debut with a second CD of listening electronica pieces and on the sinister "Devil's House" that definitely play along with Breakbeat elements.

In 2005 and 2006 he founded the sub labels "Fenou", which is a playground for experimental House and "Rrygular" with its reduced Techno. In 2009 "DPK" is added as a platform for a clean timeless sound and also known for being a collector's item with its coloured limited vinyl.