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Danceandlove Srl



Dance And Love represents the Turin, Italy-based independent recording company founded in 2007, managed by Gabry Ponte.

Gabry Ponte is one of the most famous Italian DJ ,Producer, Remixer former member of the band Eiffel65. His career as dj producer begins in 1993,the year he joined Blisscorporation, a brand new recording company in Italy. In the next few years he works as remixer on several projects like "DaBlitz, Blissteam, 883" since when, in 1998 he joins M.Lobina and Jeffrey Jay to form "Eiffel65". Their first single BLUE (Da ba dee) put the band for many weeks on the top of the charts all over the world, with more than 15million copies sold.

In the 2002 the three guys move from the dance scene and take part to the "Festival della canzone Italiana" in Sanremo ,with the song "QUELLI CHE NON HANNO ETA' " another hit that will open doors for their third album "Eiffel65". Meanwhile Gabry gets back to the clubs, releasing his first soloist album called "GABRYPONTE". His first singles "TIME TO ROCK" and "GEORDIE" in less than one year reach the top of the charts making him one of the most popular dj's in Italy. Then Gabry enters RADIO DJ. The biggest and most important radio station in Italy.

In 2005 the project Eiffel65 was freezed and the band split up, since the other two members decide to leave Blisscorporation to form their own group.

In 2009 starts the project “Danceandlove”. Danceandlove in one year becomes one of the most successfull italian dance independent labels. In the same year Gabry releases “Don’t let me be misunderstood” together with Cristian Marchi, Sergio D’Angelo and Andrea Love (the famous american singer of “Praised Cats - Shine on Me”). After a few months is released “Love 2 Party” together with Elroy Powell, aka “Spoonface” (the voice of the legendary hit “Black Legend – You see the trouble with me”). For shooting the videoclip of this song in spring 2009 Gabry organizes a “flash mob” meeting all his fans dressed in bathing suit and dancing with them through the whole city center of Torino. More than 500 people attended the event!

Ever since its inception, Danceandlove has grown in a few years to be one of the biggest Italian labels, and the project is not only a multiplatinum certified music label, but also a recording company, music publisher, booking agency and video production.