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Dance For Nation



Trance to Electro to Dance

with Smirconia on Dance For Nation

Styles and Definition: Smirconia does not stand for a fix-defined style but more for a certain music quality. Trance, Electro and Minimal elements dominate the centre of gravity of his productions at the moment. His roots and first productions are clearly dedicated towards Trance. This can still be felt in all his productions. Trance is activating mental and physical powers and can lead to elated states of happiness. A feeling one can never get enough of. Because Smirconia loves music in general he cannot limit himself to one style. Here Smirconia?s statement: ?Various styles of music developed further and new ones evolved in the course of time. Nowadays one can find often elements of one style in another one. Even though this takes place in the smallest possible fractions. This is a good phenomenon, since it allows the music to evolve further. It is an art to promote the evolvement of music in such a way. The management calls us ?artists?. As artists we are free in the act of creation. These creations allow us to communicate our emotions, ideas and our view of life. Definitions of styles should not be any limitation during the creation process. The outcome would not be authentic. Every artist that has the heart to use elements of styles from other streams is highly appealing. This is like a handwriting, an element of recognition. It is honest.? One can only look forward for the new productions of Smirconia. He will definitely surprise us in the near future.

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