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d1 recordings



D1 Recordings:
D1 Recordings is a techno record label formed in the 1990s in Dublin by Irish DJ and producer, Eamonn Doyle. It is based in Dublin north inner city.
It was formed in 1994 as a platform for Irish electronic dance music artists. Acts on the label include Mark Broom, David Donohoe, Eamonn Doyle, Donnacha Costello, Keith Tucker, DJ Bone, Rob Rowland, Jayrod, Bombjack, Daniel Jacobson, Dave Hill, Americhord, Decoy, Active Service Unit, Lerosa, Fatima Yamaha, Kan Shinmoura, Bayion, Five Green Circle and Visitor. D1 is also responsible for the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF), which runs during the last week of October, annually.
D1 releases all its records in both Digital and Vinyl format. It also runs a subsidiary label called D1ASPORA.