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cymbalism recordings



Cymbalism Recordings represents the american music label based in Nebraska.

Since its inception in 2003, Cymbalism have gone from pressing its releases themselves to being distributed worldwide, featured in video game soundtracks, major UK magazine exposure, global mix cds, music support from DJs everywhere and more.

Cymbalism Recordings strived to put out the best up and coming and established producers in drum n bass music. Its catalogue ranges from hard tech step and neurofunk to liquid and dance floor dnb. The label have been featured in various UK drum n bass magazines, had the pleasure of gracing the front pages of Knowledge Magazine with a mix of all their original releases, had material featured in Konami's Dance Dance Revolution X-Box game and helped pave the way for some of the scenes hottest producers now.

Omaha's longest running electronic music monthly, Cymbalism is the best of the best of new, unreleased and classic drum n bass. From the beginning, the imprint has been supplying the Bar 415 with it's monthly dose of heavy beats and bass and hasnt stopped yet. From worldwide talent to the best in the local area, Decibel has and always will be about the music, first and foremost.

Cymbalism is and has always been about the music. Established producers and up and coming producers alike, we are about exposing and developing artists - and are looking for your sounds.