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curley music



The message within the music is timeless: It’s totally plausible that its effects will be just as potent and life changing on newer generations of young people as it was in its beginnings, now several years past. And the music, being in a class of its own, will never tire, if we take care to preserve its identity. That’s one of our missions at Expressillon and we’re currently paying tribute to one of the most inspired and influential artist of the 90’s - Curley Schoop aka Esoteric – deceased in 1998.

Curley knew how to transcend the live performance and propel the acid techno music in unexplored areas with a mashed up truly unique sound which inspires a whole generation.But his classic releases on the Audio Illusion, Club Craft, Utmostfear, Promethean, Crowd Control and Kibra-Hacha labels are for a long time untraceable.

Appropriate measures need to be undertaken and most of Curley’s discography is republished on a vinyl series.

After "The Esoteric E.P.", "Dancing with the Devil E.P.", "Ultimate Straightness E.P.", "Elegant Panning E.P.", "Odd Sins E.P." here comes a classic along Curley's Classics: "Falling, Floating, Flying E.P." first released on Utmosphear records in 1996 !