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crown castle cuts



Crow Castle Cuts Records represents the UK based independent music label launched in 2011.

Crow Castle is the ancient ruin of a medieval fort in Llangollen, overlooking the peaceful valley of Glyn Ceriog, North Wales. Crow Castle Cuts will release 4 x 12" vinyl only editions pressed on cement grey vinyl. With hand sprayed “crowish” artwork and collector’s poster inside. The sleeve will also contain a different Crow Castle story with each release. Songs will be from Luv*Jam and their specifically invited artists.

The 4 releases will mark important dates of the Castle's historic moments. These dates mark the catalogue numbers. Collect the quad pack...

Crow Castle Cuts serves as the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Adam Strömstedt, Andrew Taylor, Mr. Tophat, Lemakuhlar, San Soda, LUVJAM, Marius Vareid, Maxim Lany, Dave Owens, Good Guy Maresh, Le Macchine, Gnork, amongst several others.