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Crime City Disco



CrimeCity Disco represents the record label based in Berlin founded in 2011 by Tobias Gullberg. The german imprint comes in Vinyl format only.

To start, it's debutantes Peter Power and Josef Jaktmark plying their wares. Power, an Irishman, is booking agent and resident at local club Kleine Reise, while Jaktmark is a Swede who relocated to Berlin some time ago. The label has no grand plans for world domination—rather, their aim is exclusive cuts of "deep, slow and disco influenced" house. This first record, for example, will only be available to 300 vinyl buyers, and contains a hand-painted cover.

Beginning with mopey Rhodes chords, "Take It Slow" at first sounds uncannily like Christos Fourkis's 2010 track "Beloved Images." The similarities end there, though. While the Greek producer's deep houser employed a more cliché lounge sound, Power's modern attitude sets his track apart. 8-bit chirps transition the intro into more upbeat territory, where seductive and well-meshed vocals take over. Meanwhile, pitch-bending pads continue the undercurrent of melancholy.

On the B-side, Jaktmark's effort channels summer, slackening the pace with warm female crooning and tight drums. Most impressive is how it advances. Like its sibling, "Breathless" is carried by a thick, luscious slab of bass, though it only really enters the mix just prior to the four-minute mark.

With additional synth work after six minutes, there's little chance of getting bored. In all: a moving debut from all three: Power, Jaktmark and CrimeCity Disco.

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Sankt Göran Local Legend EP

Sankt Göran

Local Legend EP

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Label: crime city disco
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