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council house recordings



council house recordings:

Council House Recordings is an independent record label based in Ireland, with the focus of delivering
quality underground house music to the masses in both digital and vinyl format. Our brand of music has a
destinctive style and originality that is unique in today’s music industry. The label is run by a small collec-
tive of like minded electronic music enthusiasts who have over 15 years of experience in the music industry.
Our label front man and renown house producer Moody B brings his years of previous experience in run-
ning his own label ‘Church Street Recordings’ along with his production and remixing talents. His influ-
ence of traditional Chicago style house and harder Detroit sounds heavily influence the label’s music. He
has worked with many renowned artists such as DJ Spun from Rong music NYC and DJ Buck from Leaf
recordings. His Debut release on our label ‘The Flava’ definately carries the Chicago/Detroit vibe. We have
a roster of like minded producers local and abroad whom share the same ethos in keeping the oldschool sound
alive in our projects. We are also bringing new talent to the foreground and blending more modern house vibe
with the more old school traditional sound. All in all we just like good ol' house music..

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various artists (lejak, moody b, geist) coucil house recordings sampler, BACK IN

various artists (lejak, moody b, geist)

coucil house recordings sampler, BACK IN

VÖ-Datum: 15.04.2015
Label: council house recordings
  • 12" U.K. Excl.
    12" U.K. Excl.
  • Acid
  • DADCHV001
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