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contempt music productions



Contempt Music Productions is the label about the Techno and Hardtechnoproducer -Orman Bitch- from Germany. CMP is located in Langenselbold (Hessen, Germany) and release music on CD, Vinyl and Digital too.

Stefan Reuter aka Orman Bitch was born in 1986 in Hanau (Germany). At the age of 12 he begun to play the piano. After two years the violin too. 2000 he changed to "Dr. Hochs Konservatorium" (music college) in frankfurt am main germany.

Five years later Orman starts with his brother their own hardtechno record label JLI-Records. With the unique style they became in shortest time to the top producer in the scene played by Dj Rush, Felix Kröcher, Pet duo and many more.Orman has some big releases on labels like: Universal Music, Compressed, Cannibal Society, Technosforza and more. Tracks from Orman Bitch appeared on a lot of CD-Compilations like "Schranz Total, Bollwerk Phase 7 (Dancecharts Austria Place 106)" too. 2007 his own label was born called "Contempt Music Productions". The sound of CMP is pure techno, from normal drum techno up to fast hardtechno. The Label release music digital, on CD and on vinyl.

The first vinyl was released in 2007 together with Major Rush called "Contempt EP", this opened a lot of new ways for Contempt Music Productions. The releases on CMP stands for high quality and unique electronic sounds. After about 1 year of very hard work, the label starts to release music on digital way too. The combination of Contempt sound and some of the best and most popular producers/DJs in the scene CMP grew to a serious record label which focused his mind on Techno it self.

In the year 2010 Contempt Music Productions became a exclusive label on beatport.com and is now a part of the biggest onlineshop for electronic dance music worldwide.

Be prepared for the next years and a lot of quality HardTechno releases from "Contempt Music Productions".

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.