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construct rhythm



Construct Rhythm represents the Techno label established in 1997 and founded by Andreas Krämer, Faris AL-Hassoni, Volker Diehl.

Construct Rhythm is one of the many subdivisions of the legendary Drizzly Music Production, the German Electronic Dance Music label since 1993. Drizzly Music Production was founded in 1993 in Frankfurt/Germany. Drizzly had over 500 vinyl releases, a bunch of known produces and remixer on our brands, 15 official chart entries and a lot of videos, productions, digital releases.

Sister labels: 2 Tribes Records, ANP, Asgard Records, Axwax Records, Bauplan Records, Blockbuster Records, Bootcamp, Club Guerilla, Club Quake Records, Composure Records, Drizzly, Drizzly Manufacturing, Drizzly Music Production, Edition Drizzly Songs, Electric Movement Records, Electric Sauna Records, Fiberglas Records, Form Recordings, Global Player Records, House Foundation, Hysteria, Ibiza & French House Gourmets, Illuminate Records, Jerk Records, Logport Recordings, Mono-Poli Records, Parabolica Records, Planet Traxx, Real Groove, Red Silver Recordings, Rude Tunes, Swop Records, Thrill Records , Universal Prime Breaks.

The long-running label has developed over the years an impressive back catalogue with releases from artists like: Amdreas Kraemer, Markus Schneider, Recapture,Circle Sun, The Entity, Kay D. Smith. Schall & Rauch, Westwood Brothers, Crazy Erg, Ledaga, Fernando, Brainshaker, amongst many others.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.