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Comfortzone represents the Vienna-based label run by Christina Nemec and Konstantin Drobil, focused on feminist issues and electronic music, started in October 2009.

Chra is the Alter Ego of Christina Nemec. Chra plays with sinuswaves, low frequencies, deep bases – created through shareware soundeffects - processed through taperecorder and analogue and digital tools: logic, ableton live, 4-track-machine, sampler, and bassguitar … Main topics: landscapes, territories, silence, extraordinary and extreme situations, challenge. chra has been playing shows all over austria, germany, NYC, slovenia, norway, mexico, argentina, chile, uruguay and more ...

Christina Nemec is a student, author, DJ, musicaddict and doing radio- and tv-shows in Vienna. Chra is co-founder and co-owner of vienna based label: Comfortzone.

The releases from the Comfortzone label range from sound-research to club, from disco to minimal to lo-fi-weirdness. special releases with artists artists like Mika Vainio,Kumbia Queers, Lydia Lunch,Cherry Sunkist, Crazy Bitch In A Cave, Philippe Petit and others.

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cbc / hard ton on top

cbc / hard ton

on top

VÖ-Datum: 31.08.2010
Label: comfortzone
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