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combat recordings



Combat Recordings is a label aimed at releasing fierce electronic dance music drawn from the unstable, creative space between electro, breakbeat and electronica genres, combining their strong points. While ultra-detailed and intricately programmed, all tracks are aggressive DJ weapons and solidly aimed at the dancefloor.

The british label is specialising in fierce bass music drawn from the unstable, creative space between electro, dubstep, IDM and techno, Combat has long championed the intelligent darkside sounds big names. Over the past few years the label has gone further in pushing the audio-visual element in performance, Combat A.V., which will be on full display this night.

The Soundsystem-assault electronics label based in London. Combat Recordings is releasing warped sonics since 2004:electro, dubstep, 2-step, acid, electronica from Scorn, Cursor Miner, ScanOne, Blackmass Plastics, Point B, Anodyne, King Cannibal, Stormfield, DeadFader, Bracket, Ardisson, Lackluster, Fausten, Subjex, 214, Anstam's Quaint Freud, Threnody, wee DJs, Boxcutter, Boris Noiz, Monster X, MonkeySteak and more