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coco machete



Coco Machete Recorrds represents the Label based in New York, US and launched in 2002.

Sean Holland is the label head of the American label and he’s the one who deal with all the music and the artists, the vibe of the label, the whole identity of the label, everything like that. And he does all the computer stuff and all the artwork, and any web-based type thing.

The sound of Coco Machete it’s described as being "urban tropical", like that’s the catch word that they’re trying to get around. Sean is inspired by urban music and like tropical music. They trying to say that the label’s all about everything. They want to have house music records. They want to have punk rock records, they want to have jazz records, they want to have everything. For right now, it’s more dance music based and it will always be very dance music based, but they want to have all kinds of music.

Sublabels: Coco Soul Records, Coma.

Coco Machete Records has developed in the last decade an impressive back catalogue which contains releases coming up from acts like Three Kings, Land Shark, Cowboy Johnny Christ, Third Stone Sound, D’Boldiss, Carlton Banks, Scandal Inc., Dog Tags, Funkk Offf, Zero Cash, Debra Doice, amongst many many others.

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Label: coco machete
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