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Clone Records is a record label and has its own shop based in Rotterdam, launched and run by Serge. Specialises in underground electronic dance music. Clone Records was founded in 1993, and really rose to prominence in the late 90s and early 00s for its fresh but reverential take on the classic sounds of Chicago house, Detroit techno, electro, disco and italo. Killer productions on the imprint from the likes of ADULT., Alden Tyrell, Duplex and Putsch ’79 were rooted in the past, but their very passion and attitude made them sound incredibly present, and unmistakeably Clone.

As far as house and techno goes, Clone Records sit amongst the legends. Evoking techno as raw as R&S, house as soulful as Trax and bases covered everywhere in between, from disco to UK bass, Clone have developed a substantial roster of sub-labels to boot, many of which house the cream of the labels overall output.

One of the label’s most important functions has been its curating of dance music’s heritage, both in releasing new work by older artists and in reissuing hard-to-find 12″s and albums from yesteryear. In 2004 Clone had the honour of putting out Grava 4, the final album by Drexciya, reissues of records by Drexciya, Dopplereffekt and related projects have followed. Meanwhile, the Clone Classic Cuts series provides modern listeners the chance to own high quality, properly-licensed 12″s of seminal fare by the likes of Tyree, Gay Cat Park and Oppenheimer Analysis, and little-known albums by such artists as Fred Ventura and Unit Moebius.

In spite of, or rather because of, its deep-seated appreciation for what’s gone before, Clone has always remained one step ahead of the game. Its output over the past decade has anticipated and in some cases precipitated worldwide vogues for minimal, electroclash, nu-disco and Detroit techno. So it came as something of a shock when, at the beginning of this year [2009], Serge announced that the closure of the label.

Luckily, earlier this year, pretty much out of the blue, Clone announced its return to the stage.
Clone would take the form of various sub-series, designed for deeper exploration of certain sounds and aesthetics: Clone Loft Supreme, Clone West Coast, Clone Club, Clone Bassment, Clone Aqualong and Clone Jack For Daze. Evolution through fragmentation, or something.

Long-running techno label with an array of artists that includes Adult., Alden Tyrell, Cosmic Force, Dexter, Drexciya, Duplex, I-f, Jamal Moss, Legowelt, Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, Mike Dunn, Dopplereffekt, Gerd and many more.

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