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clone jack for days



Jack for Daze is one of the new Clone series of releases inspired by the early house releases from Chicago. It represent one of the main inspirations of the Clone crew!

First release is done by Neville Watson, known for his collaboration with Kink. Two sweet tracks that are highly influenced by Joe Lewis and Larry Heard. Two tracks that sound as if they came out of a time machine. Clone founder Serge produced a modern jack track together with Gerd as bonus track. Back into the studio since a long time and just playing around they came up with a nice hybrid mix somewhere inbetween an old Gherkin Gherks / Larry Heard release and a modern club track. Crazy low bass kick and a classic jacking percussion drive combined with todays production skills. A proper club tool that compliments this first Jack For Daze release.. Very much recommended!!

The release of the Roman Flügel album, ''Even More'' on the dutch imprint was a great succes. Clone Jack For Daze is self-explanatory enough as a label name, but even by its own standards this new 12-inch from long-running German shapeshifter Roman Flügel fits the bill exceptionally well. Its five tracks—two originals from Flügel and three remixes from Serge & Tyrell—spring straight into peak-time action, barely offering enough room for dancers to catch their breath along the way.

Jack for Daze was on fire in 2012, releasing heat from Alden Tyrell (the Mike Dunn-featuring ‘Touch the Sky’, a high ranker in our 100 Best Tracks of 2012), Geeeman (‘Bang’t', a slightly lower ranker in the same list), label boss Serge and more. For L-Vis to be behind their first transmission of 2013 makes perfect sense: since releasing his vocal-heavy debut album, 2011′s Neon Dreams, L-Vis has been getting back to basics with a steady stream of jacking, tape-saturated dancefloor cuts that do exactly what they say on the tin (make you dance, dunny).

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Clone Jack For Daze is the home for a variety of artists such as: Neville Watson, Steve Summers, Paul Du Lac, Harmony Funk, Murphy Jax, Geeman, T. Traxx, Morning Factory, Alden Tyrell, Serge, Legowelt, and many many others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.