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Chord Plaza Records



Chord Plaza Records is a dubhouse, dubtechno label. It focuses on compositions that are based on chord-driven soundscapes, lfo-controlled synth chords, notch filtered and long delayed soundeffects under 4/4 beat structure.
The label founder is Istvan Raki, a.k.a. Aura Fresh/Console 9/Inzah/Lacood.
He also runs his progressive house label Synthactica Records for 4 years.
We plan to release at least 1 release per month.
Chord Plaza Records is a partner label of Synthactica Records.
The parent label (Synthactica Records) is registered to Juno Records, Resonant Vibes, Dj Download, Dj Tunes, Trackitdown, Beatsdigital, Djshop.de, Itunes, DanceHub, Amazon, Addictech, DJMR shops.

The first release comes from Aura Fresh - I'm in dub with you in May.

info (a t ) chordplazarecords.com

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Label: chord plaza records
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7 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 7.