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Chimperator Productions represents the independent music label launched as a platform for publications of the Stuttgart Hip-Hop groups of Supreme Techtics. It was founded by Sebastian Andrei Schweizer, Christian Schädle and Steffen Wendelstein in 1999. Each three member of the team, took over one specific task as a partner of the label. Steffen Wendelstein was actively in the group of Supreme Techtics as a rapper under the pseudonym Steven Styler, Christian Schädle was as a DJ Skully at Kesselkost, and Schweizer was a member of Bejone & Vince.

In 1999, the first release on the german imprint was released and it came from Supreme Techtics with the album '' So ist es''

The rap musicians are Maeckes, Bartek, Kaas, Tua, Kodimey, the Orsons, Cro, Muso, SAM and weekend, the producer duo BeatEm'Up as well as Teesy at the Stuttgart label under contract, currently.

Also, the Chimperator Productions is also the home for a variety of artists, such as Die Orson, Cro, Kesselkos, Supreme Techtics, Kodimey, Maeckes, Kaas, Tua, Plan B, and many many others.

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Cro Tru. (Ltd. White Vinyl 2LP+2CD)


Tru. (Ltd. White Vinyl 2LP+2CD)

VÖ-Datum: 13.10.2017
Label: chimperator
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