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Chauron Recordings



Chauron Recording is founded by Mark Loop in 2012 with the intention to publish their works techno influence adopted in the 90s “.

Following the publication of the first two references solo project joins Sergio Vallez in reference 003 with his song called Crash World in 004 reference the project begins to take shape with two new signings as Franz Gonzo and SLUM getting a very accomplished and balanced EP, plus reference 004 onwards is supported by studies Eternal mastering xergio Misnight of Cordoba, once more in the reference system collects 005 is more talented and has the integration of two more artists to the rhythm of the record label, this time are Oftower and Spanskyhell.

Every intention of the record label is based on to disseminate electronic dance music with a strong retro influence in their sound in some forms of production and integrate new technolgies to further enhance sound quality and creativity, our commitment to choosing artists like synthesizers and Mark Loop Vallez this patent on the seal, is looking for people with talent and no matter what name we care about your involvement with music and above all learn new concepts and modes of development that could help in any sense of the collective that unites us is the electronic music “tells MarkLoop .

The online master’s record label is the techno in all its aspects even into subgenres like acid, industrial or detroit, globally can enjoy thanks to digital distribution networks and promoting our work around the world “, we hope to have more and more public and always grow with the clear intention of adding anything else in the landscape of electronic dance music.

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Label: chauron recordings
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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.