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Cause Records is the label from techno couple, PET Duo, and it represents the vinyl and digital home entertainment. It was established in 2008 as the group felt the necessity of their own label where they could best express their feelings for electronic music.

From the darkest and most intense dance floors of downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil, arose PET Duo, the brazilian DJ couple most known for their mind-bending, forward-thinking and ass-shaking 6 decks techno sets. The story behind PETDuo can definitely not be told in merely a few words. The most musical and versatile Duo of the electronic scene generated on the darkest and most intensive dance floors in downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil. But there is more to it than just a cooperation or project behind Anne Gelfei and David Merlino. In fact they met and got married in a club and today they live in a happy liaison, out and on stages, where they combine their influences together, taking the best bits of Rock, Hip-Hop, EBM, Classic and of course referring to their main clubbing roots – merciless Techno. Ambitious and forward-thinking.

In 2013 the duo continue taking big steps in the music direction, by focusing even further into production and founding a new label. With “D&A Music” PETDuo will explore new realms of Techno sound, also venturing into different styles that will inspire fans and surprise critics.

Nonetheless, they bear in mind their existing label “Cause Records”, continuing to be a platform for young talented newcomers and well established artists. Apart from all these projects, the biggest happening on their agenda will certainly be the release of their first debut-album. Already now we can reveal that it will be very personal, experimental and innovative, pushing forward the Techno and Hard-Techno boundaries. Just the way it is to be expected from this innovative duo. Taking full advantage from technology to input raw emotions into sound.

Cause Records comes as a major step in the PET Duo’s path into the electronic realm. Preaching the new, it’s a platform for young talents and well-established artists. The imprint is wellknown for their hard, pumpin, furious, blasting releases on Kne’Deep, Arms, Cannibal Society, Djax, amongst others.

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