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Basses well under the radar, buzzing sounds, subtle darkness and stumbeling, very deep grooves grow together to the special irritating and hypnotizing idea of catenaccio, that aways brings experimental research to the dancefloors. Artists like Benjamin Fehr, Ricardo Villalobos, Butane, Jay Haze, Falko Brocksieper and more are working perfectly together towards the definition of ”groove noir”, which is the final destination of the label. You will find catenaccio tracks in cases of magda, dinky, zip, ricardo, ritchie hawtin, roman flügel, troy pierce, pikaya, luciano and many more. The name catenaccio comes from the ingenious football (soccer) defense system, that was propagated by inter milan in the 1960s. The players need fine tuning and blind understanding to practise it succesfully. The italian word catenaccio means chain or bolt. For catenaccio records it also means coherence of a social system. Catenaccio cares about electronic music.