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Catapult Records represents the UK based independent music label launched in 2011.

The first release on newly forged Catapult Records is a double A side featuring two of South Wales brightest rising stars, Darkhouse Family and CRST. >Stabwound< from Darkhouse family owns the A side which represents a much more frenetic stretch to their sound. >Stabwound< is a straight up dancefloor number that still retains the duos future boogie synth lines and red-eyed drum patterns you have experienced on their previous releases for Fat City, >Stay Blazed< and >Mein AtariRedeyey. This is a more tribal chrome coated take on Garage, its a nasty piece of dance floor business they offer.

So far, Catapult Records is the home platform for several artists such as: Darkhouse, The Organ Grinder, CRST, Jessy Allen, Earl Jeffers, and some others.

*** To see all releases from this imprint, please search for the label called ''Catapult Records''.