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cargo edition



Cargo Edition was founded in 2006, as a division of the Leipzig-based Moon Harbour Recordings, run by Matthias Tanzmann. It was set up to release more experimental, techno-orientated sounds, rather than release this via the main label, which focuses on deep & minimal house grooves.

In 2006, Leipzig based DJ and producer Matthias Tanzmann set up Cargo Edition to serve as an extension of the stylistic spectrum of its parent label Moon Harbour Recordings. Matthias Tanzmann started his DJ and production career in the mid nineties in Leipzig,
playing regularly at the renowned club ‘Distillery’. These early days saw his first release as 'Gamat 3000' (with Daniel Scholz) on Dessous Recordings, which was quickly followed by releases on Freude Am Tanzen, Lo-Fi Stereo and FM Musik.

In 2000 he founded Moon Harbour Recordings, and since then scores of Moon Harbour releases have been playlisted by renowned DJ's all over the world. The label rapidly became synonymous with quality deep-house and tech-house, and has released many of Matthias
Tanzmann’s own records as well as those from the likes of Luna City Express, Marlow, Martinez and Dan Drastic.

Eight years on has seen Cargo Edition develop into an independent platform with its own unique voice and family of illustrious artists, each adding to the label's character; from the multilayered and melodic tracks of Sven Tasnadi, Markus Schatz and Juno6, to the detailed aesthetics of Michael Melchner, from the reduced dry sounds of Vera to the functional house of Ekkohaus. On top of A&R-ing Cargo Edition, Matthias Tanzmann also contributes his own original and remix work for the label.

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