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cannibal cooking club



Cannibal Cooking Club represents Cannibal Cooking Club's own Label, started in 2004.

CCC represents the duo formed by Lex Patternson & Berk Offset:

*** Lex Patternson AKA Hydro was born in 1974, first experiments with selfmade synths in his youth, dj since 1992 (with tapes), producer since 1998, Cannibal Cooking Club founded in 1999 together with Berk Offset, influenced by the brigthon sound, industrial sounds and 80ies electronic music

*** Berk Offset AKA Error: born 1980, producer since 1998, dj since 2000, influenced by damaged instruments, the brighton sound, musique concrete, the sound of old home computers and the new crackling miami sound.

Since 1999 the Cannibal Cooking Club duo does not only serve its rough and varied cuisine in German localities, but also cooks for the international palate with selected ingredients and hot spices. The two chefs satisfy even the most demanding guest with their technoid special recipes.

But not only as a live act the cooking duo knows to convince! Releasing on their own artist label, but also on many other labels, always looking for new tastes, recipes and ingredients.

Besides being the main platform for its owners, Cannibal Cooking Club includes also in its back catalogue collaborrations with acts like: Bill Youngman, Carsten Rechenberger, Paul Birken, Recall 8, Ze Mig-L, amongst several others.

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Cannibal Cooking Club Topf Ten

cannibal cooking club

Topf Ten

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Label: cannibal cooking club

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