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Bump! Recordings represents the independent music label launched in 2003 as a subdivision of Bass Bumpers Music, the label run by the group Bass Bumpers.

Bass Bumpers is a DJ and record production team, known for their dance/techno music. They are originally from Germany; with members: Henning Reith, Caba Kroll, CJ Stone, George Dee, Akira Yamamoto, and Reinhard "DJ Voodoo" Raith. Also known as Bass Bumpers, CJ Stone, and Bad Habit Boys, they produced their own hits such as "Good Fun", "The Music's Got Me" (a number 36 hit on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart in 1992), and "Move to the Rhythm". Perhaps their biggest success was when they created Crazy Frog's remake of the popular hit "Axel F" from Beverly Hills Cop. This was a song credited to Crazy Frog, which peaked at number 1 in the UK on May 31, 2005.

Bass Bumpers was founded in 1990 when Henning Reith and Caba Kroll released their first production on the Dance Street label. With the titles "Can't Stop Dancing" and "Get The Big Bass", the Bass Bumpers entered the club scene with a comfortable advance. Their mixture of House and Eurodance was fresh and innovative. Felicia Uwaje and rapper Ian Freeman added their vocal talents to the Bass Bumpers sound and the subsequent singles "The Music's Got Me" and "Move To The Rhythm" (1992) pushed them on the top of the club charts everywhere on the globe. A full album was later released ("Advance" in 1993). The single "Runnin" was the last in the successful serie of the Bass Bumpers productions to be released in 1993. Uwaje and Freeman left soon after, and many thought the project to be dead and buried.

However, in recent years, the Bass Bumpers have resurfaced and been joined by various other German producers, who together form the Bass Bumpers production team. In 1994 Andreas Litterscheid (AKA CJ Stone) and Chorn Pin Chang (AKA Akira Yamamoto) joined the group. In 2002 the team was joined by Reinhard Raith (AKA DJ VooDoo) and Frank Knebel (AKA Level K), followed by Massimo Nocito and Sven Koslik in 2003.

They now work on their own projects, as well as for other artists, such as Angel City and Despina Vandi. One of their latest commercial hits was the controversial Crazy Frog project.

Bump! Recordings is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Voodoo & Serano, Bag Habit Boys, Drumdummies, CJ Stone, Mike MH-4, Danielle Paris, Heart Of Stone, Symposium, Lenny B, amongst many others.

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Jenifa Mayanja Close Encounters

Jenifa Mayanja

Close Encounters

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