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Brown Skin Music



Brown Skin Music was created by producer Imaani Brown in order to take house and deep house
to a new level. He released his first EP "Deep Touch" in 2010
under his own label. This debut release was given praise to by many famous electronic music
scene DJs. "Dis Poem" is one of the hottest tracks
ever released by this young label.
The Brown Skin sound is characterized by melodies and artists who don't just want to use house
music for celebrations, but also for quite moments at home.
Brown Skin Music will release house music in all directions as long as it remains faithful to its
sound: house music with soul and individual sound.
Look out for further releases of Brown Skin Music in 2010.
If you think that your sound fits our label, do not hesitate and send us your tracks. We will
contact you.
For further information about Brown Skin Music and artists, please visit our website: