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Brille Records represents the London based independent music label launched in 2005.

The british imprint is an independent record company based in London, started in 2005 by former XL Recordings A+R manager Leo Silverman, and the founder of 90's dance music magazine Jockey Slut, Paul Benney.

Brille Records is proud to have released records by The Knife, Good Shoes, Operator Please, Envelopes, Lucas Renney, The Golden Filter, Whirlwind Heat, Casimer&Casimir and others.

The label loves all kinds of music, and tries to support artists who might not get love from the established record industry but nonetheless make exciting, original music that they feel should be heard and continue to be made.

As well as releasing records, the crew also run music magazine Dummymag which they started in 2008, and they are immensely proud of. Now they can support artists they love even if they're not on our label.