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Box Clever represents the dubstep labed based in Bristol UK, and is sister label to Black Box, also run by DJ Thinking.

Although it was only launched in 2009, the Black Box label family has become a force to be reckoned with in the dubstep scene. A carefully balanced roster of established names and exciting new artists has produced an enviable discography, and the formidable quality control has attracted a large and very loyal fan base.

Two of the most consistent labels around, Black Box and Box Clever have both shot to bag-on-sight status over the last few years. With a wide-ranging and dedicated fanbase, both Black Box and its junior label (although now it's perhaps more accurate to think of it as a twin), Box Clever, are imbued with that hard-to-pin-down sense of openness and creativity that made dubstep so exciting at its inception.

In the space of only 9 months, Black Box has become a buy-on-sight label for many dubstep fans, with a reliable combination of well-known artists and quality beats making it a must for everyone's record bag.

Given the amount of quality unsigned music now circulating, here at Black Box HQ we've found room for a sister label 'Box Clever', through which we plan to push cutting-edge tunes by newer artists. Each release will be sleeved in the new custom die-cut Box Clever sleeve and limited to 500 copies only for extra collectability.

To launch our new label Box Clever, we've got two tunes from one of the breakthrough artists of 2010 -- SYNKRO -- recently signed to dBridge's Autonomic label, as well as Med School and Blackout Music. 'Reservoir' opens with a lush soundbed of tabla and glassy pads that leads onto a hypnotising drop - rolling halfstep drums, clockwork percussion and rising swells of bass pressure, laced with LFOs and light-touch edits."

Home to artists such as DJ Madd, Seven, Lurka, TMSV, Kahn, and Biome, past Black Box & Box Clever releases include the Dubstepforum.com LP of 2012 by Kryptic Minds, numerous vinyl debuts, and heavyweight input from the likes of N-Type, Cyrus, Commodo and Hatcha.

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Tmsv Theory Ep


Theory Ep

VÖ-Datum: 07.11.2013
Label: box clever
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